The Incalculable Importance of a Fine Waistcoat

Now, there are those who believe, today, that a waistcoat is nothing more than a mere bagatelle in the arsenal of a gentleman’s wardrobe.  A thing to be trotted out with morning dress for weddings, with tails to achieve appropriate white-tie-ness, and even, should one be of a foppish disposition, with a dinner jacket.  Of course, should one ride to hounds, one may also sport a natty windowpane check with the hunting pink.

But if this is your narrow definition of a waistcoat’s virtues, then I hesitate to mention it, but you are a Philistine.  A Visigoth.  A mere dabbler in the higher realms of sartorial elegance.  Continue reading


A Gentleman Strips Off…

Following on from Friday’s discussion of learning to tie a cravat, it seemed the sensible thing to do to learn how to remove it.  The which I have now done after taking some advice on the matter.  

And the method is as follows:  Index finger into the front of the Gordian knot and pull, though not so hard to begin strangulation proceedings.  The knot should give way.  And then once that has happened, index finger into the looped-over bit and pull again.    

And there I am, looking devilishly ready for mischief, or bed, with my cravat ends hanging loosely about my neck.  Continue reading