The MM Bennetts Award

As some of you will know, the MM Bennetts Award was founded after MM’s passing in 2014. The award came from a wish to remember MM, to celebrate her work and life, and also to give other talented writers of historical fiction the encouragement that MM herself would have given.

MM Bennetts firmly believed that historical fiction should breathe life into the past, and recreate a world we have lost. For her, history wasn’t just a list of facts, figures and dates from long ago; history was made up of people and the stories they lived out. She strongly felt, too, that historical fiction shouldn’t be just a set of modern characters in old costumes with outdated names. It should give us a glimpse into a past world – how those people thought and lived, fought and loved.

We have had so many inspiring entries in the past two years, and we hope that through this award, MM’s work to create and promote fiction of literary brilliance and historical excellence will be continued.

In 2016, the MM Bennetts Award was awarded to Stuart Blackburn for ‘Into the Hidden Valley’, an intriguing book which looked at both sides of the British Empire in Assam. It is a wonderful read, and truly captures the attitudes of the natives and those serving Queen Victoria.

Now, for our third year, we’re calling all historical fiction authors who have published in 2016 to submit their entries.

For more information, please visit .


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