A spiffing review for Of Honest Fame…

Righto.  This was going to be a blog about something completely different.  Only now it’s not. 

Now it’s a link to a review of Of Honest Fame that just come in and, although maybe you’d think me past getting misty-eyed or sentimental about a review at this point, well, that would be wrong. 

Because this time, the reviewer really loved the book and loved the characters…and that truly means a great deal to me. 

I’ve been called an ingenue recently for just such sentiments.  (I know.  I just made you spit tea on your laptop–sorry about that.) 

But honestly, you know, if engaging with one’s readers and their hearts makes me an ingenue, then long may I remain one.  (Sadly I expect it’s more a case of ‘when were you ever an ingenue?’) 

Anyway, have a read of the review.  I’m chuffed to bits over it.  And truly delighted that I’ve brought someone to love historical fiction and the history as much as I do…And the reviewer–well, she’s just a perfect poppet, she is.


5 comments on “A spiffing review for Of Honest Fame…

  1. K Conklin says:

    Perhaps it is timing, but I do not see a link to the review you specify. I visited amazon.com to see if perhaps the review might reside there? What I am puzzled over is that anyone who has been privileged to read your two books could find anything to criticize or dislike in them. I am so pleased that I found your two books on amazon to add to my Kindle and am thankful I am able to return and read your two books repeatedly. Thank you! I purchased a gift card for my sister so she could also enjoy your writing, and she truly loved the books as well.

    • M M Bennetts says:

      The link is under the words, “a review of Of Honest Fame”. Perhaps it’s too faint a colour difference to see properly?

      Wow, though. Thank you. You cannot know how much it means that you not only read the things but have felt them rich enough to return to and to recommend…That’s just given me such a boost–can’t really put it into words. Thank you for saying so.

  2. Jenny says:

    The comments above say it al: a thoroughly memserising tale of a tumultous period in history. Absolutely hooked from start to finish – vivat Bennetts!! More please.

    • M M Bennetts says:

      Thank you so very much.

      The new book is…coming on.

      So pleased you enjoyed Of Honest Fame though–that of course is a spur to the likes of self.

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