With best wishes for this Christmas 2011…

I’ve been trying to think of a nifty post for you.  Something festive and rich in the comfort and goodwill of the season. 

But the fact is…well…the fact is that I’ve been so busy, what with decorating the Christmas tree and baking and eating Christmas num-nums (emphasis on the eating…) and generally overcoming all those insurmountable trifles that the holiday season seems to bring…

And then there’s the music. 

Which shouldn’t be a problem. 

And it isn’t.  Not really. 

Except that my preferred Christmas music is all from the Renaissance (sung by the Tallis Scholars or the Boston Camerata) and is in French or Latin, sometimes German. 

And preferred is the wrong word, of course.  Beloved is closer to the mark.  

Because they still had such a sense of delight and awe over the whole thing in the Renaissance, you know.  And everything, but everything was thrown into the lyrics.  Like this one, an absolute favourite:  

Or vous tremoussez pasteurs de Judee
Or vous tremoussez pasteurs de Judee
Chantez parmi le preau nolet nolet nolet
Chantez parmi le preau nolet nolet nau…

Un joli muset in oyseau embroche
Et puis qu’en j’ai fait de ma grand garoche
Un fromage a l’enfanteau nolet nolet nolet
un fromage a l’enfanteau nolet nolet nau…

Hurtault lui donna un quignon de beurre
Tienurine bailla un bouchon de feutre
Floquet bailla son tourteau nolet nolet nolet
Floquet bailla son tourteau nolet nolet nau…

(Make merry, shepherds of Judaea, Sing in the field the new, new, new Noel.  The child is as sweet as a bird on the branch, so I made him a cheese with the milk of my great nanny-goat, new, new, new Noel.  Hurtault gave him a mound of butter, Tienurine gave him a bale of straw, Floquet gave him his cheese-cake, new, new, new Noel…) 

None of which is a genuine problem except that once I’ve switched into thinking in another language for the purpose of singing along (I sing very badly and no, there will not be a YouTube rendition…)  Well, you see, then, the fact is, I have trouble then switching back to English. 

And anyway, I trust you’re all busily wrapping and baking and getting caught up in the delight of the season.  And that’s as it should be. 

(But if you’re not, I had the great privilege of being interviewed by J.A. Beard this week…and does he ask good questions!)

So it remains only for me to wish you all the very best Christmas–full of light, laughter, promise, joy and wonder.

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8 comments on “With best wishes for this Christmas 2011…

  1. Debra Brown says:

    So you cannot sing? The only flaw I have found. You are indeed briliant with your languages, your piano, your researching and writing and even having a house with a name.

    Your website seems to have bugs crawling down it, though. White little mites that go down from the top every time I am here. Am I alone in seeing them?

    • M M Bennetts says:

      Ha ha ha! No, I cannot sing. That is to say I can, but because I like people I don’t when there might be an audience. I sing in the car very well though. Tenor arias mostly.

      Those mites are meant to be snow falling! Which is as close to a white Christmas as we’re likely to get.

  2. MM doesn’t need to sing, she accompanies upon the pianoforte with deft fingers and a knowing glance out to the audience every time the unfortunate soloist struggles to climb up to the note.

    Being an alumnus of the Dame Hilda Bracket salon in Stackton Tressel means MM may deign to affect a slight harmonic hum but she would never lower herself and her talents to the mundane behaviour of actual vocal singing.

    • M M Bennetts says:

      It’s also just a tad daunting having an operatic baritone present in the household to drown one out–from three rooms away.

  3. Debra Brown says:

    You could put a video on for me to hear you play and him drown you out. ???

    • M M Bennetts says:

      It’s a thought. I don’t sing when I’m playing–that’s the good news. I shall have to see if the suggestion meets with approval though. It could happen, I dare say. Though it sounds remarkably like I might have to practise a bit…*slinks away*

  4. Rappleyea says:

    Yes, caught up in the season (and a very busy time at work) and am just now getting here. But I do want to wish you all the best for the New Year, and I look forward to your next offering.

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