History repeats itself…

On 20 April 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte, the ‘Emperor’ of France, left Fontainbleau for exile on the Isle of Elba after signing his abdication.

He had been in power for 16 years.  He had stretched the boundaries of the French Empire farther than anyone would have imagined possible.  And yet he fell.  It’s what dictators do.   Just sayin’.


3 comments on “History repeats itself…

  1. cavalrytales says:

    I’m not surprised with that paunch. One little push and…over he goes, Monsieur D’Artois et al.
    Good job the Bellerofon had decent bulwarks. Or whatever they call them.

    Ah…that was a year-and-a-bit later. Just goes to prove what you said!

  2. Little-known fact about this painting: he posed for it while sitting on a commode. 😀

    • M M Bennetts says:

      No, this was him before Waterloo. And the chair in the portrait was on sale at Sotheby’s or Christie’s about a year ago.

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