Of Honest Fame ~ Review number two

“I have to admit to a bit of confusion at the start of this book.  It took me a bit to figure out who was who and where they fit in to the story but once I did that and adjusted to the cadence of the writing I found myself lost in story full of page turning intrigue.  And not the whitewashed type you get in some novels, the real look over your shoulder because someone is trying to kill you intrigue.

“The plot built very slowly and carefully and the story was better for it. 

“This is a thinking person’s book.  A book to make you think – about history and the atrocities of war.  It was an excellent read but not an easy read.  I would really like to get my hands on the first book by the author, May, 1812, to see what came before and see if it gives me any insight into the characters and how they interact and just plain act in this book.

“An excellent book for someone who truly loves history and how people react to war.”

This was from a website called Broken Teepee.

And Of Honest Fame is now available for Kindle as well as in Hardback and paperback.   (As is May 1812–if you’re interested…)

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