Of Honest Fame Reviewed ~ and with four stars…

“What a book.  I love historical fiction.  I like almost everything, but historical will always hold a special place with me.  I also really enjoy it when research has been done.  I love the accuracy.

This book had me from the beginning.  Had I not had to get up and do other things that day, I’d have done nothing but finish this book in one sitting.  The characters are developed so well for the time period.  You love them, you may dislike some too.  The ending is not as expected either.  Another quality I absolutely love in a book.

This book left me screaming for a sequel.  The last line.  Priceless.  {Not going to share it…go pick up your own book☺} Pick this one up for a great winter read.”

Reviewed on A Moment with Mystee.

And yes, I confess, I am more than a little bit chuffed by this…


5 comments on “Of Honest Fame Reviewed ~ and with four stars…

  1. Piotr says:

    So, in other words, it’s a good spin around Napoleonic Europe. Great! Can’t wait for when it comes down on Kindle. Really, I can’t…. hurry up 1st December!!!

  2. Paul House says:

    I expect no less from the discerning critic.

  3. […] (Zamoyski’s ground-breaking work was such that I could not get the images out of my head–thus the truth of Russian campaign and the publication of the 29th bulletin became intrinsic elements in my novel, Of Honest Fame.) […]

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