Virtual Book Touring with Pump Up Your Book

This is a kind of new thing, particularly here in the UK, I think.  Or maybe just new to techno-eejits like myself. 

But virtual book touring is the wave of the future, especially in the US where they’re blazing ahead with new ideas for how to employ the internet, how to reach more readers, how to make the most of what it can offer an author. 

(Here, I sometimes think our publishing/media industries have only just discovered that the internet exists.  A hint to those wondering about it:  it won’t make the tea, nor will it fetch you another tub of Ben and Jerry’s.)

So anyway, some months ago my publisher suggested I do a virtual tour for the release of Of Honest Fame.  

Well naturally I said, “yes, of course.” 

That is my job, to say yes to my publisher. 

(I hope said publisher isn’t reading this–it may give ideas.)

Naturally I had no idea what I was talking about–so nothing new there.

And so it was arranged with Pump Up Your Book, which is an American firm which specialises in these tours.  And still I didn’t know what I was talking about or what I had agreed to…

Then sometime in early October the interviews started arriving to be done.  

Now all I can say is Wow.  On so many levels. 

Having done some interviews with authors many years ago as part of my book critic career, I thought I knew all about it. 

Well, ha ha ha to me.  I didn’t. 

Firstly, the personal questions really threw me for a loop.  Because I don’t normally talk much about myself.   And secondly, I don’t tend to talk about my work either.  At least not beyond these four walls.

So–many of these questions really caused me to think, really made me consider what I had done, what I had striven to achieve, what my aims were in writing Of Honest Fame.  Yes, I did know deep down what I wanted to do with the book, but I’d never put it into words before, or if I had, it certainly hadn’t been for public consumption.

(One of the fallacies about authors is, at least in my case, that while in print I may appear a paragon of linguistic control, in reality I’m…well…I can be a bit of a numpty.)

Then too because of the different nuances of the questions, I had to look at the thing from all sorts of angles which was a challenge–a good challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.  Added to the incessant desire and determination to offer something fresh, something new to each successive interview, not just to repeat the last.

It was exhausting and tremendous.  And has deepened my appreciation for the book, while, curiously and at the same time, whetted my appetite to get working on the next. 

There were also the Guest Blogs.  Those have been a little easier and a lot of fun, causing me to write about things I hadn’t thought of in years–good things, good memories–and I truly enjoyed that. 

And now it’s out there and happening–I’m holding my breath just a little to see how it goes. 

It’s a bit peculiar to go onto all these different websites and see one’s own book cover and often author pic up there.  (Don’t think I’ll ever get used to that!)  But I’m learning…and occasionally even approving of what I said, though to be frank, the weeks of the saying of it are all a bit of a blur to me at this point.

Anyway, do go have a gander.  This is what the future as far as book tours and marketing may look like.  And I’ll tell you what, if it is, it’s not all that scary.  (Well, maybe a little…)



17 comments on “Virtual Book Touring with Pump Up Your Book

  1. Piotr says:

    I dare say, Bennetts, but the internet does make the tea and bring it to you… and if it weren’t for the internet, my flatmate wouldn’t never had gotten that call from Germany to tell him that I fell off my wheelchair in New Zealand. I love the internet… then there’s Google Earth…

    • M M Bennetts says:

      Okay, and just how did you get yours to make the tea? These are trade secrets some people would pay a lot of money to know…

      • Piotr says:

        That’s the beauty with the internet, they have this thing called ‘instant messaging’, and I get to talk to my flatmate upstairs. I ask, he delivers… and the internet is the medium. hmmm, just think how efficient the Myddelton household would be with the internet… hehe

      • M M Bennetts says:

        They would have had a bell system which worked marvellously. I’ll find a picture of the bells in the servants hall for you…

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  3. Rudolf says:

    Interesting, most interesting. I must go take a look…. after my afternoon nap that is. TTFN.

  4. Piotr says:

    It’s amazing how much technological innovation they had under their disposal 🙂

  5. cavalrytales says:

    Now that’s a clever idea. Blogs are crying out for content and writers for exposure, if you’ll excuse the expression. Why didn’t I think of that? Because I’m clueless, that’s why.

    I’m looking forward to the video. For tips, of course.

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