Just to say…

Occasionally, people ask me how I research and/or what I’m up to?  So I thought I’d show you.

Studying this.

Then this.

And this man's life work.

And working at this.

There you go then.  Now you know. 

And yes, my sword arm is aching.  Goes with the territory.


10 comments on “Just to say…

  1. Rowenna says:

    I love the first picture–I can just hear the fellow presenting his weapon with a loud, jaunty ‘Ah-HA’ for some reason…Enjoy your research 🙂

  2. Is that Maestro Angelo I spy up there?

  3. Ellie says:

    I’m sorry, Rowenna, but “the fellow presenting his weapon with a loud, jaunty ‘Ah-HA'” just gave me a mental image that will require bleaching out of my head…

  4. cavalrytales says:

    Not really. But it’s weird that I started learning to fence at the beginning of this year. A shoulder injury before Easter has temporarily halted my tuition (ligaments seem to take AGES to heal nowadays), but not before I discovered I have a major psychological problem to overcome.
    Though I’ve often joked about it in the past, I find it very difficult to hit women or ‘children’ with a sabre, even when they’re far better swordspersons than I. Stupid, I know, given the protective clothing everyone wears, but I seem to be stuck with it.
    Any suggestions? ‘Imagine they’re your own wife or daughter’ doesn’t count!

    • M M Bennetts says:

      I’m the wrong person to ask. Because when I’m doing something like that, taking completely mad fences or shooting perhaps, I’m thinking as whatever character I’m working on, so I don’t carry much of my own baggage with me…So perhaps try thinking as the character for whom you’re learning this stuff.

      • cavalrytales says:

        I was just doing it for me. Thought I’d better learn because the fights in my first story were – don’t tell – imagined. In the front room, holding a 1796 sabre. I’m actually not supposed to play with it, the wife insists, as it’s a film prop once touched by Sean Bean (swoon), and I might rub his aura off!
        No-one criticised the action though, so I must have been pretty close.
        Got it! I’ll just have to make my name as a master of defensive swordplay.
        Yeah, okay.

  5. cavalrytales says:

    PS. There’s a copy of the Royal Armouries video of Le Marchant’s 1796 Cavalry Sword exercise at


    if you’ve not seen it. Dont stand too close though!

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