A bit of a bibliography…

I, ah, am often asked what I’ve read about one or other subject having to do with my work.  Or I’m asked to recommend a book dealing with some aspect or other of the early nineteenth century–the war, politics, society, sex…

And obviously, I have favourites.  Books which I feel have taught me more than just what’s suggested in the title.  Perhaps the writing is particularly graceful or eloquent.  Perhaps the author has broken new ground in our understanding of an aspect of the Napoleonic wars or British politics.

Then again, frequently, I’m asked how much do I research?  And the answer is I never stop. 

So, I thought I’d make it easier for everyone…and put up a select bibliography for May 1812 and Of Honest Fame.  It has its own page under Books. 

It’s not complete by any means, nor does it include the magazines and newspapers of the period, nor the academic conferences, nor the site visits or any of that.  But it does feature one or two useful books on the period. 

And it will probably give you all the ammunition you need to say, “‘Struth, Bennetts, you need to get out more!”  Ha ha ha.


One comment on “A bit of a bibliography…

  1. junebugger says:

    Thank you!! The list of books will be very helpful to me. I’ve come across so many useless books. Following your list will certainly save me time.

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