A peculiar thing about writing books…

…is how one’s friends react.  Because basically they don’t know how to. 

They’re caught in this vice of what to do:  read your book, and then what?  What are they to do if they hate it?  What will they say?  How will they face you?  How will they feel comfortable with you again?  What if you write lots of lurid sex and then they have to deal with head-pictures of you in flagrante delicto? 

What if it’s complete rubbish?  How do they say, “You write utter tosh!” and still ride the Downs as happily with you as before (or whatever it was you did together).

I’m just guessing at this point…but it’s there.  The excitement that greeted my earlier announcement about publication has turned to wariness.  They don’t want to be put on the spot.  So it’s easier to feign lack of time or good intentions…

So, if any of you are out there reading this, trying to make up your minds about whether to purchase my book or not, let me just say:  there’s lots of lurid sex (no, there’s not), you’re all in it (no, you’re not), it contains lots of scenes of shopping and pages and pages of discussions about shoes (no, it doesn’t)… 

Ha ha ha. 

It does contain:  some violence, a death or two, a great many rude words (circa 1812 rude words, which are frequently different from our rude words), a lot of factual history which I hope I’ve slid in so quietly that you don’t notice, some appealing characters, an old trout or two, some very stupid people, and the occasional flash of humanity and humour. 

And if you hate it, I won’t be hurt.  Obviously, I’ll never speak to you again.  But I won’t be hurt.

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9 comments on “A peculiar thing about writing books…

  1. O. Maltravers says:

    “…some appealing characters, an old trout or two, some very stupid people…”

    Story of my life, Bennetts. Pity about the lurid sex, though.

  2. Val-Rae says:

    I’m not in it? To hell with you, then! I’ll not read it one more time. Well maybe just once more. But I won’t tell you. So there!

  3. Greta Thain says:

    Well, I’m off to read about peculiar people day, which is listed as a ‘possibly related post’.

    ‘S ok, Bennetts. I’m sure I’ll be in the NEXT one somewhere. One of the society ladies, I’ll bet.

  4. B Lloyd says:

    Ah. So no room for bustles then. . . what about fountains for nubiles to douse their muslin dresses with ? Oh, and there will be inexpressibles, surely ?
    Kindly pass me another of those rose creams, while you’re at it, will you. Thank you.

    By the way, I received word from Diiarts that they will be arranging ‘author meetings’in London – I’ve been thinking . . .what about 1812 style cruises next, all the way to Venice, with readings, music, themed historical costume balls, (both on board and land . . )??? I am already putting posters up and fliers about . .(keels slowly over . . )sorry . . .it’s been a long day . . .

  5. B.Lloyd says:

    ALREADY ???? (whips out lorgnette and stares hard through it)I shall definitely have words with that horse, see how his back is doing . . .

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