A Missing Scene…

This is really directed at all those who have previously read all of May 1812 on Authonomy. 

I had a comment made by a close friend that there was a scene missing–it was mentioned several times, in fact.  Specifically a scene in chapter 36.  Now you may or may not agree with my friend.  However, such is my regard for this individual and his literary erudition that when he says “Write!” I reply instantly, “How much?” 

So, what I will say is that although it is not a different ending, I have written what I believe is a more complete ending.  A more effective tying up of any or all loose threads than previously.  And I seriously trust that those of you who chose to buy the thing and read it will not be disappointed, but will in fact feel that I have only enhanced the whole. 

And curiously, at long last, I feel that I have done the job properly.  There is an inner peace about it, and sense that, yes, I have got it all right, I have not baulked any of my fences, I have written it all; it is complete. 

Hope you enjoy it…

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