A new sonnet

Recently a friend of mine, Greta Thain, asked me to write a sonnet for a character in her novel, Die a Dry Death–which tells the story of the wreck of the Batavia in 1629. 

Perhaps I should add, I glibly said yes.  Glibly, because it turned out to be more of a thing than I had anticipated.

Certainly I am accustomed to thinking inside my own characters’ heads in order to write them.  But to write from inside the head of another writer’s character?  That, I have now discovered, is an entirely different thing.  Especially as the character in question is a psychopath.  Ha ha. 

It took me a while, I’m, er, happy to say–psychotic behaviour not being my norm.  And the sonnet itself is derivative–some will recognise Wyatt’s influence, and Shakespeare’s–and not what I would hope is my best effort. 

But it is perfect for the character in question as it turns out.  I invite you to take a gander over on her website and see what you think:  www.gretathain.net 


One comment on “A new sonnet

  1. Greta Thain says:

    I love all those wonderful historical facts. Glad to see you included the one about the teeth and a few additional bits (like the parsely) they I never realised went back so far.

    I shall post the sonnet on my site – I thought you’d post it here.

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