Napoleon’s willy…

Napoleon’s willy is said to have been one inch long and shaped like a grape.   (Stop that sniggering in the back row…)

Now I wasn’t there, so I can’t confirm this absolutely, but according to sources it was removed at the time of his autopsy, measured, described, and preserved. 

Said organ was eventually put up for auction at Christie’s in 1972, but failed to reach the reserve price.   Where it is now, I cannot tell you…


4 comments on “Napoleon’s willy…

  1. Sest says:

    Bennetts, you swine. I shall never be able to eat a grape again, curse you.

  2. Pay attention, ladies and gentlemen, the hitherto unforeseen side effect of poisoning. If you must apply sulphate of cyanide or arsenic into their tea then you jolly well need to have a good explanation of what happens to the um….appendage upon necrosis. Unless, of course you are planning to poison a self-declared Emperor in exile. In which case off you go.

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